Through our fast track production line, Tagom provides Piping solutions for your residential needs to fulfill the healthy lifestyle every home deserves. Delivering purity.


Tagom’s factory has the ability to produce over 500 tons worth of piping materials monthly to supply and enhance piping solutions of commercial spaces through our collaborates.


All materials are carefully planned, selected and executed through Tagom’s professional labs in order to fit the necessary piping solution your sector demands.


Tagom works around the clock to ensure that customers get the best quality and service internationally, through a dedicated team ready to take on any task. Whether local or international, Tagom is awaiting your next order.

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Constructed Buildings

Whether commercial or residential, Tagom works on providing the best solutions needed through top quality material piping solutions.

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Over 500 tons of delivery weekly, Tagom strives to be one of the top exporting Egyptian companies in the region for piping systems through quality, unlike any other in the local market.


Tagom doesn’t only service the Egyptian market, instead tagom has the power to assist in the development of all bordering countries in the MENA region.

Most Sold Items

ASTM System
  • ASTM System
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Water Supply