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According to BS4514

U-PVC Soil & Waste Pipe - according to BS 4514

According to BS4660


According to BS5255

U-PVC Soil & Waste Pipe - according to BS 4514

According to BS5481

U-PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe according to BS 5481

According to Egyptian Standard BS3505

NOTE Stocks are available with plain ends and solvent socket.

Manufactured to BS 3505, 3506, 1969
Standard Length 4, 5.8 & 6 Meters
Color Dark Gray
Socket type Solvent Weld or Plain-end

ROXY Threaded Pipes for supply and irrigation water b.s3505

According to T.C 161A

According to Arento telephone duct specification T.C 161A

Ball valve

BALL VALVES Ball valves shut off the flow of water using a small sphere, or ball, inside the valve. The sphere has an opening inside. When in the "on" position, the opening is in line with the pipe, allowing water to flow freely. When in the "off" position, the opening is perpendicular to the flow of water, stopping the flow completely. In a ball valve, flow is controlled with a lever. Placing the lever perpendicular to the pipe allows water to flow. Moving it at 90-degree angle stops the flow. Ball valves have several advantages. They are easy to turn on and off quickly, and can be used by individuals who cannot maneuver a wheel-operated valve due to disability. They allow the user to tell at a glance if the valve is open or not. they are durable, rarely freeze even with years of use, provide reliable service, and are extremely versatile. Ball valves are used in home plumbing, industrial applications, oil and gas applications, marine applications, pharmaceuticals, and many other fields as they are manufactured from pure brass and the ball are made from pure alloy to resistant corrosin. So, The ball valves probably the most widely-used valve design, ball valves employ a cored, rotating ball to control flow. Usually operated by lever handle, they also offer a quick view of their status. Their design makes them ideal for full-flow applications, and their easy, low-wear operation is also excellent for throttling.

TECHNICAL DATA: Size Range: From 20 to 110 mm

Pressure Rating: PN25

Joining Technology: Welding


  • Polypropylene
  • Brass
  • Alloy

Ball valve PPR-C / PN 25


Roxy Clamp Roxy Clamps are suitable for all kinds of fastening and retaining pipes applications. Clamp Component
  • Form-fit, adjustable band
  • Reinforced band ends Strengthen the band; prevent retaining sections from tearing or becoming loose during exposure to extremely high mechanical loads
  • Can be supplied with rubber profile as an option Improved form closure between clip and clamping fixture - Damping
  • Easy installation and secure fastening.
  • Reinforced band ends for extremely high mechanical loads.
  • Rubber profile protects against vibrations and creeping water, is sound-absorbent and protects against contact corrosion.